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Should You Invest in Urban Real Estate? Of Course You Should. Buying property in a city might scare you. Here’s a post to settle your doubts and calm your fears. We put together some pictures that we hope will make obvious how safe and smart it is to invest in cities. The proof is in the pictures!

City No 1- Shanghai



City No 2- Las Vegas



City number 3 Dubai



City no 4-


JaipurThe city Palace in Jaipur

Dubai turned turned from a ghost town to booming metropolis in just 20 years! As you can see, there’s always room for growth and development. No matter how big a city might seem, it can always get bigger. The demand for real estate goes up and up. And as per our sources from Jaipur, the pink city is also a hot destination and one should definitely buy residential property in jaipur for food investment.

Numbers don’t lie – if these statistics don’t convince you, nothing will:

Over 50% of the world lives in an urban area. As people continue to flock to the big cities, the number of city dwellers grows by sixty million people every year. That’s crazy. Two people move into the city every second of the day. This unstoppable growth rate means that more than 7 in 10 of the world’s population will live in a city by the year 2050. To accommodate 70% of the world’s population requires the equivalent of building a new city with a million residents every five days between today and 2050.

Believe it:

That sort of gives a new meaning to getting in on the ground floor, doesn’t it? If you think cities are packed now, just wait a few years. You’ll be kicking yourself for passing up on the 110th floor of that space-age office complex.

For more information of real estate and investment check out this link.

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Dear readers, as I have received mails from many of you to get some discount on rooms in Delhi so I did contacted many hotels and was also able t grab a 50% discount only for you. So if you are visiting New Delhi and want to stay there than I have a special package for you. Our loyal reader Mr Sharma has agreed to offer 50% off only for Mccabesverett at his all hotels in greater kailash 2.


Then our friend from Jaipur is also ready to offer 30% off on his suite rooms in Jaipur city and 30% off on his desert camps. Now if you are interested to get this discounted rooms than contact these hotels and tell them you are a reader of Mccabesverett and the discount is yours. If you are facing any problem than contact me via mail and I will personally drop a mail to hotels for your booking. But remember that this offer is only valid till 15th August 2014.

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Jaisalmer is a beautiful city which has history, tradition and tales on war& love and personally believe that this is a perfect mixture to start camps in jaisalmer sand dune. Last year we went to Jaisalmer to meet our friend Mr Singh who is the owner of 2 desert camps in Jaisalmer and Pushkar. Well the Pushkar one was active and its amazing, but the Jaisalmer one has just started. So after spending 3 nights in Jaisaler I thought I should write a blog for my audience that why they should spend a night in luxury camps in jaisalmer sand dune.

1. Luxury Camps

desert camp jaisalmer

Every traveller who visits Jaisalmer loves to experience the desert life which isn’t available in the city. So after exploring tourist destination like Jaisalmer fort and other destinations they all book a cab and head towards Sam Sun Dunes which is like 40 Kms away from the city. Here we some a dozen camp resorts which offer luxury accommodation in tents, local food prepared by villagers and my favourite local cultural dance from tribals. All of this make Sam Dunes simply exciting.

2. Desert Safari

desert safari

When you reach Sam, than you must opt for Camel Safari. After Dubai, Jaisalmer is a favourite destination to experience desert safari. Either you can just have a camel ride in the morning to view the sun rise or as I will suggest that one should do a camp out. Here we pick our bags with a team of local and their camels in evening, reach the deeper parts of the desert, set up some camps, have local lunch and stay in the desert for the whole night. Then experience the astonishing sun rise in the morning and return back to desert resort.

3. Evening Program

evening programs in jaisalmer

Every weekends these resort owner organise a musical evening which has local tribal dance, local singers and a buffet dinner cooked by locals. These nights are amazing as they realise that the world is not just in metro cities. These remote areas are a part of our life and  we must explore them.

So I will suggest you all to explore all these points by visiting Jaisalmer. Have a look at this link for more-

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Last month we visited GTC,  one of the finest 3 star hotels in South Delhi and was offered a good discount. So we decided to share the hotel name and services with our readers. They best part of this accommodation was that we were personally accompanied by Mr Sharma, owner of Hotel GTC in his Toyota (seriously, Delhi people love Toyota) and we explored the complete south Delhi with him. Since Mr Sharma al blogs on his site, here is the blog – tourist places in delhi, so we should stop ourselves when he mailed is for a guest post opportunity.

So friends, without delaying me Craig and my pal, Pauly present you a nice post on South Delhi Tourist Attractions.

Destination number 1- Lotus temple

Lotus temple in South delhi India

There is one god but we call him with different names and sometimes fight for that particular name. This philosophy is clearly visible around the world but in my Delhi we have an amazing complex which opens it door for just humans and try to offer a meaningful explanation that we are first human than something else. So just visit Lotus temple and sit here for few minutes and your will feel light. Plus if you are always welcome to my Hotel GTC in South Delhi and very close to Lotus temple.

Destination number 2- Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar in Southers Delhi India

Qutub Minar is present in Delhi for more than 1000 years and was 1st a place which reminds the locals about the glorious age of Gupta Empire. But when the Islamist attachers started moving towards North India, Qutub Minar was built when the complete or most of the Northern India was under Islamic rule and this minar (tower) was build oner many Hindu temples.

But today we the locals, don’t remember Qutub minar as a vistory symbol but as a green place where almost 1000’s of Delhi tourists visit to explore the beauty of the historic structure. On Qutub Minar, my personal thoughts are

just leave the past and enjoy future.

Destination 3- Select City Mall in Saket.

Raymonds, Indian retail brand

Okay its almost impossible to think that a Delhi tourist will skip shopping. As Delhi has some famous shopping destination but I am only talking about South Delhi so I will only talk about South Delhi shopping destinations. There is nothing bigger than Select City Walk when it comes to shopping. From multi national brands like Sony, Apple, Bose to ethnic Indian brands like Raymonds, Tata etc

And guys and friends, if you have finalized that you are visiting Delhi than I offer you a 40% discount at my south Delhi hotel. So just leave a comment and call us at 9810566990.

Destination 4- Bukhara – ITC Maurya.


Though I have a nice Lounge in all of my hotel but I don’t hesitate to say that ITC Maurya is the best restaurant in South Delhi. If you are not aware of ITC, than you should have  a look at this link- ITC Hotels. Bukhara is famous for its Tandoori Chicken and my favourite salty Lassi. The destination is a bit expensive than normal south Delhi restaurants but every penny spend here is worthy.

Destination 5- The Oberai.

The Oberoi, New Delhi is the very best and most expensive accommodation option in South Delhi. It has almost every thing which a luxury accommodation seeker wants. The price is high but so is the amenities. So if you can afford the stay than book it. And with this point I will end this post. Hope it was useful for you.

Resources for travellers.

Finally, I will suggest all traveller friends to visit Delhi from the month of August to February as these are monsoon and winter season and climate is quite comfortable. For flights and more hotel accommodation options I will suggest and as they are the top 2 online travel agency in India. And if you want to taste the best spicy cuisine  of Delhi than check websites like Zomato and Timescity.

But the most inportant part. Just enjoy your stay in Delhi and do write travel blogs about your experience.

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Hotel GTC in South Delhi is located in Greater Kailash, Part II. The site is near to the airport and railway station which is very fruitful for business throughout the year. This hotel is well known for the hospitality and service it offers to guests which attracts all kind of tourists and travellers. It is a property of GTC group which is an established group famous for its no compromising policy in everything they render, be it be food quality or staff service. The hotel has an Indian touch in all the rooms, the aesthetics of its beauty have been relished by many in house and foreign tourists. Thus I believe that Hotel GTC is accommodatin in South Delhi India

The architecture of these rooms is a display of modern trend in traditional look. Guests staying in this hotel have numerous added benefits apart from the cheap and comfortable stay, some being:

  • Variety of cuisines is offered in and around the hotel
  • Lotus Temple is just 2 km away making it a very suitable hotel for tourists
  • Currency exchange and sightseeing facility available unlike in other cheap hotels
  • Okhla Industrial Estate and The Nehru Place are at a distance of 2 km and 1.5 km respectively from the hotel
  • The airport is just 15 km from Greater Kailash which makes this hotel the best option for staying overnight in a reasonable budget.

Room of Hotel GTC South Delhi

You can choose among the following different room types of the hotel:

  • Executive room
  • Deluxe room
  • Super Deluxe
  • Suite room
  • Presidential suite

These rooms have been arranged in an increasing order of tariff and comfort. The cheapest of all is the executive room that can be accommodated for a price as low as 2500 INR inclusive of all taxes. The tariff difference between deluxe or super deluxe rooms is not high but the comfort level difference is unmatchable. Costliest of all is the presidential suite fitted with all type of services that the hotel can provide and makes the stay worth it. Some of the basic amenities that you can avail in this hotel are Complimentary Breakfast, along with complimentary coffee/tea Maker in the room, complimentary Newspaper, 24 Hrs High Speed Wi-Fi Connectivity, Luxury Contour Beds, Large size TV screen including all the major International and national Channels, Rich Feel 100 Percent Cotton/ Satin Linens, Large Sized Towels, Sheer Curtains, Workind Desk, air conditioning with temperature control, telephone service, Hollow Fibre pillow And duvet, gigantic Mirrors, Direct Access Number on Request, Herbal Bathroom Amenities, Afghani Food, Shaving and Dental Kit, Bathrobe,; anything and everything a world class hotel can offer. The security of this hotel cannot be breached by anyone as it employees twenty-four hours security guard, the smoke detectors fitted with alarms make guests feel safer.

The hotel is rated 4 stars in many sites and bookings can easily be done through them; the hotel also has its own site for reservations. All you need to do in order to gather contact information of this hotel is to go online, and within 10 seconds you will have all information you need. So just book one of the best hotels in greater Kailash. So just call the at

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Music, Travel & Luxury. It implies to enjoy the calm sense of music when you are travelling. I recently reached India to found different style of music and explore the state of Rajasthan. My 1st destination to travel is the capital of the state Jaipur.

Jaipur is an amazing city where you can explore some centuries old forts and palaces, colorful markets filled with bright & sharp color cloth and my favorite spicy food. Jaipur has also some thing which I really like. Its the luxury resorts and hotels.

I just landed in Jaipur and has book an accommodation in a tree house resort name lohagarh fort resort. Will be reviewing this place in the next post. Till then have a look at some amazing pictures of the city. Accommodation in Lohagarh tree house resort in Jaipur is simply beautiful. It has all the amazing amenities and the resort is amazing. The cost of this tree house in INR 12,000 but its worth every penny. Check out some images of the tree house.

tree house at jaipur

The city Palace in Jaipur

The city Palace in Jaipur

Jal Mahal in Jaipur

Jal Mahal in Jaipur

cool place

cool place